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  1. Beyond The Milky Way (Los Santos)

Beyond The Milky Way
Stefan Hiss

Iíve just gassed up my starship
itís sleek and silver-gray
into deep space it will take me
beyond the milky way

What keeps me on this planet?
Iíve wondered every day
so I set my mind on traveliní
beyond the milky way

Too many days Iíve wasted
on work for meager pay
no more time I will be loosing
beyond the milky way

So ground control, Iím ready,
all systems work okay
and soon I will be flyiní
beyond the milky way

Now the countdownís done
and the engines run
and I am on my way

Adios muchachos
there ainít much more to say
but I guess Iíll see you somewhere
beyond the milky way

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